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Dynamics is a team founded in 2015 made up exclusively of students from the UPC Manresa that, divided into different departments, each year has the objective of designing and building a car from scratch, to then compete against the best teams in Europe in the different Formula Student competitions.

Formula Student is the ultimate university-level motorsport competition where every year teams from universities around the world begin the challenge of designing and building a single-seater racing car to compete against other teams from other universities in a series of tests that not only evaluate the dynamic behavior of the vehicle, but also other not-so-technical aspects of the team.

This short video shows a little recap of our 2022 - 2023 season at Formula Student.

For the proper functioning and understanding of our single-seaters, our electronics department designs, manufactures and tests PCBs to achieve these objectives. The full electric system of the car uses multiple printed circuits, but here are some examples of our last season:

  1. Brake System Plausibility Device (BSPD): Its role is to prevent problems with a struck throttle by shutting down the car in case of braking and accelerating at the same time. It works completely with non-programmable logic to make it safer and reduces the chances of an accident.
  2. Dashboard: This board controls the display shown to the driver while driving. It helps our pilots to see the state of the car, and it also provides them with driving aids like an automatic shifter and launch control.

Dynamics would greatly benefit from the support of PCBWay. As the automotive world is relying on electronics to increase the vehicle's performance and safety, so does our team. To keep developing all those systems requires an improvement in our electronics manufacturing and testing capabilities, helping us to increase our skills and knowledge. Our experience on the competition and our great results the last seasons eager us to keep improving, and we believe that PCBWay would help us to achieve our objectives.

Thank you so much for your time and attention.

With king regards,

Gerard Garcia

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Feb 22,2024
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