Design of a PV Microinverter using Flyback topology.

Solar energy has become increasingly accessible for electricity generation due to its eco-friendly characteristics, such as pollution prevention, reduced carbon emissions, and low maintenance requirements. One crucial component of a photovoltaic (PV) power system is the inverter, which can be configured in central, string, or micro setups. Microinverters, known for their advantages and disadvantages, are currently a subject of extensive research. We designed and analyzed a microinverter composed of a flyback converter and H-bridge sections, focusing on its reliability and efficiency. The flyback converter's switching control employs an Incremental Conductance based Maximum Power Point Tracking (IC MPPT) algorithm, while the H-bridge generates switching pulses using Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM). Both simulation and practical implementation of the microinverter were conducted. The input voltage for the flyback microinverter is derived from a single PV module at 50 Vdc, with an output voltage generated at 220 Vac and 50 Hz for single-phase systems. Initially, the proposed flyback microinverter with an LC filter was simulated using MATLAB Simulink software. By optimizing the design and control of the flyback microinverter, we aim to achieve a much lower THD value, ensuring that the electrical output closely resembles a pure sinusoidal waveform.

The link to the Working of our Project is

The way it all works is that the input voltage of 50 volts will be first boosted to around 400 volts DC using a flyback converter as it would provide us Galvanic isolation. This 400 volts is then switch using spwm module which stands for Sinusoidal pwm. Which will give us 240 RMS volts. So use if filter block after this to filter out the noise in the Sine wave. We are using an Arduino to generate the switching pulses for our SPWM module. Here are some matlab simulations.We have also worked on reducing the total harmonic distortion of the resulting sine wave to bring it below 16%.

We need funding for improving the overall reliability of the projec. As of now we can only test it for seconds before the MOSFETS start heating up.

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Jan 05,2024
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