The title_ of my project is Dji Phantom 4 .As the name suggests, it is a prototype of the famous DJI PHANTOM 4 drone.In fact, this drone has been able to maintain its position as one of the top ten best drones on the market when it comes to drones design and camera gimbal design quality since it was released.As an electronics hobbyist and a die-hard fan of dji, I decided to design this drone myself to test my flairs and also bring innovations into my country as it would go a long way to inspire other youngsters to dive into the digital world(electronics plus programming).This idea popped up in my mind in the year 2023 when as a young university student, dropped out of the university in my 3rd year due to financial difficulties.The main purpose of my project is to use the drone to make quality videos and also take photographs as these two things play a very vital role in the area of scientific research, entertainment industry etc.Below are the main components used for building this project which have got uploaded pictures attached to each of them and their functions clearly explained too.THE FLIGHT CONTROLLER UNIT(FCU):The flight controller unit is the brain of the drone which controls the movement of the drone by taking data readings from the on-board sensors like the IMU(inertial measurement unit) comprising of both accelerometer and gyroscope, magnetometer etc.And based on the data read by the flight controller unit from the sensors, it controls all interfaced actuators like the motors and so on.This flight controller unit is compact and a combination of a 4 in - one ESCs(electronic speed controllers) designed on a mini ten-layer PCB, which takes the shape of the frame of the drone.A big shut out to ST.Microelectronics for their open source mini flight controller evaluation board.THE NAVIGATION LIGHT BOARD:The navigation light board was designed on a mini two-layer pcb using a simple 555 timer connected in its Astable mode to send a timing pulses to the LEDs.This controls the on and off states of the LEDs in a timing interval with the help of resistor adjustables as shown by the blue components on the board above.Last but not the least is the Power Distribution Board.The power distribution board was designed on a mini two-layer pcb having no on-board ICs, but only JST Connectors which sources 14.8 volts 1.6 amps from a small 4S Lipo battery and distributes it to the various parts of the electronic system to power the drone.Moreover, I will be using a Go Pro Hero 4 Camera as my camera module since I am not into camera designing.This would be purchased cheaply from Ebay, and it would be inserted into the spherical case I designed and mounted at the base of the drone as one can easily see it from the picture of the drone I uploaded above.Having said and clearly explained the main components used for my project, I would like to plead with PCBWAY Sponsorship Program Team to give their kindly support to my project in terms of the cost of the 3d production and my PCBs assembly to take my innovation to the next level.By giving your kindly support to this project, I will introduce PCBWAY as PCBs production company into my country Ghana and also use your logo on all my upcoming projects in return.Although, i have not had a complete project yet, so it is rather unfortunate that I can not upload a video of my project to PCBWAY Sponsorship Team for confirmation.This project consists of only one member and that is of course myself, and I am hoping to get more enthusiastic team members in my country and across the globe in the near future.I am all the way from West Africa precisely Ghana.Anyone who finds my project to his or her liking and interested to give me a helping hand can also reach out to me through my email at please.I am highly grateful to PCBWAY for this opportunity to even share my project to the world for others to get motivated.I am counting on your usual co operation.THANK YOU.

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May 11,2024
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