CrocoMarine's ROV 2024

Team is Family

CrocoMarine, established in 2016 by diverse students from Alexandria University, is a trailblazer in affordable, high-quality ROVs. We're dedicated to revolutionizing the underwater robotics industry. Our team tirelessly innovates, enhancing ROVs performance annually. Committed to providing cost-effective solutions, We design adaptable ROVs to tackle diverse challenges. pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our passion for excellence and to test our limits drives us to actively participate in prestigious international competitions like MATE ROV, UMVC, UWRC.

Stunning Vehicles

With only a few years of experience in the remotely operated vehicles industry, we have learned from our previous designs to create some of our best ROVs yet. as our aim in the designing process was to build a vehicle with the most compact design, which is very easy to adjust, modify, and edit, and to make it easy enough to install, fabricate and maintenance. We are grateful for a profession we are passionate about and are more than happy to introduce our lovely ROVs.

With Goodwill, Hardworking ... Comes Big Achievements

Our journey has been marked by challenging hardships, which we proudly overcome. We continue our relentless pursuit of excellence, striving to reach the top.

Our team has achieved remarkable milestones, including:


• UMVC – 5 th place.


• UMVC – 3 rd place.

• MATE ROV Local competition – 3 rd place.


• Pharos University fair for innovation and engineering projects – 1 st place.

• UMVC – 4 th place.

• MATE ROV Local competition – 3 rd place


• MATE ROV Regional competition – 5 th place.


• UWRC-4 th place.

• MATE ROV Regional competition – 3 rd place.

• Best mechanical design reward at UWRC 22.

• Best maneuverable ROV reward at MATE 22.


• UWRC-4 th place.

One Last Word

We are glad that PCBWAY sponsored our last two ROVs, and we would love to continue the journey with PCBWAY to infinity and beyond! as we reshape underwater exploration.

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Nov 02,2023
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