Covid fighting robot

  • my project is covid fighting robot and I inspired because of every thousands people are dying in case of corona virus so I want to decrease the number rate in my country and the world people's are in so risk so as human I want to help people's from getting the virus it works like it will spray anti covid in cities and towns I do half process in this project and my robot use GPS and wire less sensor to control it in case if the controlling system will be failed by it sensors it will start working with out controlling device but I don't have the sponsors like the GPS and the wire less sensor and also the pump which sprays the anti covid that's why I want your sponsor ship in my country this sensors are so costy it is not easy or cheap to buy the sensors also I buy this sensors mean that I have posted my robot sensors for waiting long time to get money to my project and also I want mini camera and also mini pump for the project also I don't have any computer to program my project I have programmed this robot using my aunt phone please support me to make this robot and big projects that help people's thanks

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Jun 20,2020
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