Colour Blendaer 3D printer


As 3D printing and additive manufacturing advance, FDM and DLP type 3D printers are getting cheaper and more accessible, giving consumers and hobbies access to this fantastic technology. However, full-colour 3D printing technology remains extremely expensive and only available to professionals and businesses. Developing a cost-effective and easy alternative to commercial-grade available products can be an essential step in tapping into the consumer and hobby-grade full-colour 3D printer.

The well-established and competitive UV inkjet printer industry offers many high-quality, robust, affordable machines (USD$150-1000) and printing materials with a wide variety of properties that we can take advantage of and repurpose in developing full-colour 3D printing, lowering the development cost and the price of the final product.

PCB demo

Why am I presenting this project?

As a student with limited funds, with the university limited paying for my prototypes, I have to find a cheap way to manufacture my board. For that reason, I am asking for help here. As I was informed that PCBWay might offer sponsorships for students, I would like to try my chances and apply for one to help cover my expenses for PCB manufacturing and component assembly.


The idea came from Oasis 3DP.


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Aug 28,2022
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