Candy Machine V2.0

The Candy Machine is smart Skittles (or other candy) dispensor.

It's a project we decided to do for school, but we wanted to do something we also could use at home and share with others. With this project we want to increas our skills in every accent.

On the display you could set the amount of candy you want and with the rfid card you can pay your candy.

After sucessful payment the candy is falling out.

In the new version 2.0 we want to fix some bugs from the first version. In addition we want to add some new features which are the following:

  • WiFi Connection
  • Usermanegement on the cloud
  • New payment methods like google pay / apple pay usw.
  • New display with a better gui
  • New cpu with more processing power

This video shows our first version and how it works:

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Sep 23,2021
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