Botany in México

My name is Franco I'm from Mexico and I be 20 years old, I'm studying industrial engineering   in the Universidad Regiomontana from Monterrey, I enjoy creating and innovate, I'm interested specially in aerospace projects, but every subject related to science is interesting for me, I love also the music production and the midi instruments, and also I like the subjects related to botany.

Project description:

I'm creating a new project related to botany, In my country it is very difficult to germinate some types of seeds because we have a lot of temperature changes in my city, it can be cold or warm immediately, so it is very difficult to control the humidity and temperature in this part of the country, for that reason I decide to create this project, Basically I will program everything with Arduino, I will control the cold temperature with peltier cells and the heat with a thermal lamp, it will also have an autonomous irrigation system that will provide its own water based on the condensation of the peltier cells so basically you would not need to water either.

List of components:

  1. Peltier cells
  2. water pomp
  3. Arduino
  4. green house
  5. thermal lamp
  6. some screws
  7. PCB boards
  8. Solar panel
  9. 12 volt battery

I would like to acknowledge that pcb way is not just a company as I thought, I am finding out about the support they give to young people in their projects, I do not expect to receive all the support, but having the time to support the creation and development for the projects for young people, make them have a value more than any company.

Finally, I want to comment that this project will be recording for YouTube, in case of being accepted to continue with this project you will receive a space for your sponsorship, thank you.

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Jan 28,2021
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