BAJA Electric all-terrain vehicle (ATV)

We are the "E Baja Bhais" from PSG College of Technology, a dynamic team of student engineers hailing from diverse fields such as automobile, mechanical, production, electrical engineering, electronics and communications engineering. Our shared passion for innovation and automotive technology drives us to unite each year for an exhilarating challenge: building an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) from the ground up, a task that culminates in our participation in the prestigious Baja SAE India event.


Our team is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. With expertise spanning various engineering domains, we converge our knowledge and creativity to create a cutting-edge ATV. This enables us to focus on multiple critical subsystems:


Steering and Suspension: Crafting precise control and handling to conquer challenging terrains

Brakes: ensuring the safety of our driver and vehicle in high-pressure situations.

Roll Cage: Providing structural integrity, safeguarding our driver, and adhering to safety standards

Powertrain: Designing the heart of our machine, delivering torque and speed.

Electricals: Herein lies the heart of our appeal and the pivot for our request for sponsorship.

According to the rulebook, specific start-up sequences must be followed for starting the electric vehicle:

1) The brake pedal must be pressed.

2) The acceleration pedal must not be pressed.

3) The vehicle must be in the neutral position.

We achieve this by tapping these signals from the brake pressure switch, acceleration pedal (Hall effect sensor), and FNR switch into a relay, which taps the signal into the Arduino UNO, to start the vehicle. These tapped signals are fed into the Arduino UNO through the analog pins and are continuously monitored internally to check all the conditions. Once the conditions are met, all the signals are then sent to the MCU.

Once the vehicle is ready to move, all the sensor values and acceleration pedal pressure, brake pressure, mode, and speed are displayed to the driver on the driver display, making the ride more sophisticated and the designed schematic is attached for reference.

Our electrical subsystem is pivotal to the success of our ATV. It encompasses various aspects, from the control systems that regulate power and performance to cutting-edge data acquisition systems that provide real-time insights during races. Without a robust electrical system, our ATV would be unable to unleash its full potential, risking safety, efficiency, and competitiveness.


We recognize that the electrical subsystem is not just a vital component but also an area where innovation and technology can make a significant impact. We seek partners who understand this subsystem's importance and are willing to support us in our quest for excellence.


By sponsoring the E-Baja Bhais, you become an essential part of our journey to success. Your support will enable us to procure the latest technology, materials, and equipment needed to elevate our electrical subsystem to new heights. In return, we offer an opportunity for your brand to be prominently featured on our ATV, team apparel, and across various media channels, showcasing your commitment to innovation and education.


Join us in our pursuit of engineering excellence and motorsport triumph. Be a vital spark in our electrical subsystem and the driving force behind our success. Together, we can electrify the future of automotive engineering.


If you're interested in partnering with us or would like to learn more about our team, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to the possibility of collaboration and sharing this incredible journey with you.


Thank you for considering our proposal.

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Sep 08,2023
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