Atari Lynx II - Membrane Replacement


My name is Klaus and my hobby are Retro-Consoles. That way i design Flash-Cartridges and other stuff for very old/rare consoles, which are not so popular as consoles from Nintendo or Sega.

This time a made a replacement-part for the Atari Lynx II handheld.

The Lynx II has membrane inside, a plastic sheet which contains all lines to each button and the power led. This membrane is really fragile and most times, if some buttons don't work anymore it's a faulty line on the Membrane. As it's plastic, it's not repairable and you can only replace it with an original Membrane from maybe another dead Atari Lynx II.

But also dead/not working Atari Lynx II consoles costs already alot of money and you can never be sure the Membrane of this dead Atari Lynx II is in good shape too...

So i designed this replacement here!

Produced as a flexible pcb it fits perfectly into the Atari Lynx II.


To keep the production costs as low as possible the connecting part was put inside the screen-area. Before replacing it inside the handheld, you have to fold this part on the "fold here" line. After that you have a perfect replacement.




Words to PCBWay

Alot of Atari Lynx II handhelds will need this replacement part sooner or later. It would be really great if you could support this project.

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Dec 23,2018
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