A power control module (PCM) handles power distribution to the entire car

Project Introduction:

I am a member of UMSAE – the University of Manitoba chapter of SAE International, and I work on the formula team, which competes in theFSAE Collegiate Design Series. I am responsible for data acquisition as well as power distribution and control. The PCB that I am requesting sponsorship for is a power control module (PCM). This module handles power distribution to the entire car.

Here's a photo of us from our most recent competition in Lincoln, Nebraska:

You can find more photos here.

Project Details :  

Power Control Module (PCM)

  • Controls the distribution of power throughout the vehicle
  • Provides overcurrent protection for all vehicle electronics
  • Integrates safety critical shutdown circuits
  • Provides high side PWM drives for fuel pump, radiator fan, and other devices needed variable control
  • Monitors all vehicle loads to determine power usage\
  • Monitors battery voltage and temperature and can shed non-essential vehicle loads to preserve battery life
  • Communicates over vehicle CAN network for relaying monitored data to data acquisition system as well as to receive control commands from the Engine Control Unit 

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Sep 08,2016
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