AUV - Delhi Technological University

About our club:

DTU AUV is a team of undergraduate students from multi-disciplinary background working under Dr. Ajeet Kumar which designs and develops Autonomous Underwater Vehicle every year and takes part in national and international SAE events. The team depends on the generous support of sponsors to design and develop an AUV of Industrial standards.

Our work:

Akraja 2.0:

A remotely operated vehicle developed for the MATE ROV competition, Arkaja 2.0 is our second remotely operated vehicle. Equipped with 2 grippers and basic autonomous operation such as line following and image recognition, Arkaja 2.0 is a small vehicle capable of simple shoreside and shallow water operations, we were able to achieve a much smaller vehicle by utilizing a cuboidal hull rather than a cylindrical hull.

Lapras 2.0

LAPRAS is the flagship Autonomous Underwater Vehicle developed at Delhi Technological University.Using the insights from Robosub 2021 , Lapras 2.0 has enhanced upon the capabilities of its predecessor. Manipulators have been upgraded for better dynamics in autonomous operations.Vision algorithms have been finely tuned which has led to a massive

improvement in the success rate of object detection .

Our Achievements:

1) 2nd position in Power Management Skill Videos at ROBOSUB 2021, USA.

2) A sub-team won the Smart India Hackathon (Hardware Edition) for 2020-2021.

3) Reached final round in Singapore AUV Challenge 2018.

4) Presented AUV to honorable CM of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

5) Only team from India to compete in SAUVC 2017.

6) 1st Position at International Mobility Conference, Delhi.

7) Reached Semi-finals, Rob sub-2013, San Diego, California.

8) Award “Most Improved Mechanical Design”, Rob sub-2008, USA.

9) Reached Semi-Finals Top 15 out of 32, Rob sub-2011, USA.

10) 6th at Static Judging, 9th Overall, ROBOSUB 2008.

11) Award “Appreciation” at Rob sub-2007, USA.


  • A technical paper published in International Journal of Engineering and Research Technology, 2020
  • A technical paper published in International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 2019

Domestic Recognition:

  • One of the vehicles is chosen to be displayed at the 1st Robotics Museum in Gujarat, India.
  • Presented AUV to honorable CM of Delhi Shri Arvind Kejriwal and Education Minister Shri Manish Sisodia
  • Presented AUV and ROV design strategy to the Indian Navy
  • Exhibit at DEFEXPO 2010, New Delhi

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