ASU Racing Team

About the team

ASU Racing Team is a student organization founded in 2010 in Ain Shams University based in Egypt. We're a group of engineering students who are passionate about taking Egypt's automotive industry to new heights. Our mission to create a cutting-edge research organization in Egypt that focuses on automotive engineering and mobile robotics. With a commitment to excellence, we aim to equip our members with the knowledge and skills they need to become leading engineers in the industry, ready to make an impact from day one after graduation.

Our team is made up of creative and innovative minds, who design and manufacture formula race cars from scratch and participates in Europe’s most established engineering competition: Formula Student!

About the Competition and Our Achievements

Formula Student is Europe’s most established educational engineering competition which uses motorsport to inspire students, it takes place at Silverstone circuit, Home of the British Grand Prix. It challenges student engineers to design, build and race a single seat racing car in one year.

All students taking part get a chance to demonstrate their technical analysis, engineering design and manufacturing skills whilst having to meet a strict deadline. Learning lessons along the way in team work, time management, project management, budgeting and presentation.

Our team's accomplishments are nothing short of extraordinary! Out of over 100 teams, we have achieved an impressive rank of 22nd overall, with outstanding performances in static events such as the business presentation and cost and manufacturing category, earning us the coveted 1st place worldwide.

Our Design

A well-designed and reliable low voltage system can be the difference between a successful run and a catastrophic failure, making it an essential element in the development of a competitive Formula car.

Our System is made up of Stm32f103c8t6 and stm32f446ret6 at its core and we designed different types of circuits to ensure that our car run safely and efficiently.

1.      Data Acquisition system

 The importance of data-driven design and error detection for present and future design development has proven its worth to the team. Constructing a bug-free DAQ was the target for a much more reliable design method. The DAQ is responsible for processing 4 types of sensors to validate the vehicle model included in the following table.

The data is then logged to be stored on an onboard SD card, the data is also sent using telemetry system to generate real-time diagrams and warnings.

Real-Time Operating system(RTOS) is used in all the systems as it improves the manipulation of the CPU Load, improve the efficiency, and decrease power consumption.

2.      Safety and Shut Down Circuits

One of the most crucial aspects of ensuring the safety of the driver and the car is the implementation of a shutdown circuit. In the event of an emergency, the shutdown circuit is designed to immediately cut off the power to the car and bring it to a stop.

3.      Telemetry System

Telemetry is vital in formula racing as it provides real-time data on the car's performance and driver behavior. This information is used to make critical decisions during a race and improve overall performance. It allows teams to monitor factors such as speed, braking, acceleration, and fuel consumption, giving them a competitive edge. Telemetry also helps teams to identify any issues or potential problems with the car, allowing for quick and efficient repairs. In addition, telemetry also allows the race organizers and stewards to monitor the cars and ensure compliance with rules and regulations, particularly in regards to speed limits and track limits

Our Circuit Boards


This PCB is used to process the data that is being collected from various sensors distributed over the car to validate a vehicle model


Shutdown and safety circuits used to ensure that the car will shutdown if there is a brake pressure over 30bar and the throttle is over 30% simultaneously.

Telemetry Circuits

2 PCBs are used for telematic systems: one is used for transmission and the other for receiving and the whole system is used to deliver a live data of the car to a station while the car is on the track.

Start/Stop Engine

This PCB Controls the processes of starting and stopping the car's engine.

We are confident that PCBWay's support will enable us to release our full potential as for many years now we have compromised the performance we desire and gave up designs due to shortage of funds and lack of such high quality PCB manufacturing in Egypt. We hope you help us provide the complete experience for our passionate engineering students.

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