6 axis robot arm

My name is Kay Hendriksen, and I am a final-year Computer Engineering student at the University of Brighton. I’ve embarked on my most significant project to date: the design and development of a 6-axis robot arm, which I’ve named Flynn.

Commencing in September 2023, this project aims to create an affordable robotic arm capable of executing practical tasks across various real-world scenarios. These applications range from automation procedures to medical tasks. I identified a gap in the market where professional-grade robotic arms are exorbitantly priced, and lower-cost alternatives lack the requisite functionality for meaningful real-world usage.

To address this gap, I’m integrating both software and hardware expertise to craft a comprehensive solution. This involves not only designing the mechanical aspects of the entire robot arm but also overseeing all facets of electronics, including electrical components and electronic systems. Additionally, I will develop the software necessary for precise control over the robot arm’s movements and operations.

By leveraging my skills in mechanical design, electronics, and software development, I aspire to deliver an accessible and practical multi-axis robot arm that bridges the chasm between high-cost professional systems and limited-functionality lower-cost alternatives.

The project extensively utilises CNC machined parts, such as joint 2, the longest arm in the robot assembly.

Another noteworthy CNC machined part is the motor mount for joint 1, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring precise and reliable movement.

In advancing this project, I believe partnering with PCBWay for CNC machining services would greatly enhance its execution and outcome. Their expertise and resources align perfectly with the project’s needs, facilitating the production of high-quality, precision-engineered components essential for Flynn’s construction and performance.

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Feb 20,2024
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