Product Description

Sipeed Tang Nano 9K FPGA kits(with 1.14 inch screen)

Core configuration:

Logic Unit (LUT4): 8640

Registers (FF) : 6480

Distributed static random memory SSRAM (bits) : 17280

Block Static Random Memory B-SRAM (bits): 468K

Number of Block Static Random Memories BSRAM (bits) : 26

User flash memory (bits) : 608K

PSRAM (bits): 64M

High-performance DSP module: Support 9x9,18x18,36x36bit multiplication operation and 54bit accumulator

Multiplier(18x18 Multiplier): 20

SPI FLASH: 32M-bit

Flexible PLL resources: 2 phase-locked loops (PLLS)

Display screen interface: HDMI interface, SPI screen interface and RGB screen interface SPI screen interface and RGB screen interface.

Debugger: On-board BL702 chip, providing USB-JTAG download and USB-UART serial printing for GW1NR-9


-Supports 4mA, 8mA, 16mA, 24mA, etc. drive capability

-Pull-up/down resistors and Open Drain output options for each I/O

Connector: TF card holder, 2x24P 2.54mm row of pin pads

LED: Six programmable LEDs on board

Pushbuttons: 2 user programmable pushbuttons

Function Annotation:


LED drive / RGB LCD display :  


PicoRV source project :

PicoRV routines running on 9K :

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