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Magicbit- ESP32 powered arduino compatible innovation platform

Internet of Things(IoT) has become part of our life. From small devices such as a smart phone to a large device such as an airplane, everything is connected to the internet today. It is estimated that there will be more than to 21 billion IoT devices by 2025. 

How cool is it to develop an IoT project in less than 10 minutes?

You might wonder whether it's really possible. Yes, have have developed a tiny computer called Magicbit which can be programmed to create different innovative applications easily by anyone.

It's a STEM tool, DIY builder, learning aid and a platform for creative thinkers.

Magicbit has a development environment with cloud based IoT platform called Magicblocks and a mobile app which can be seamlessly connected for to create innovative solutions.

Magicbit is packed with a wide of feature range. It has an ESP32 module in it's core together with sensors, actuators and connectivity modules built in. The idea is to minimize the additional components required when developing solutions. This makes the life easy, even for a beginner.

We remove the barriers of entry for a newbie to electronics with pluggable modules and built in features. So there's no need of jumper wires, breadboards and soldering to develop an application.

Programming is another hurdle for a beginner in innovation. Our visual code builder with block programming enables everyone to develop a solution even without programming knowledge.  

Therefore it's easy to use and fast to learn. If you are an expert in coding and electronics we have plenty of options in Magicbit which you can find as you scroll down.

Magicbit is made for EVERYONE. Students and kids can use it as a STEM tool to learn innovation with technology in a practical way. Developers and researches can use it to capture data and prototype solutions. Hobbyists can use Magicbit to find solutions for problems they are keen to solve in the world.

 As we introduce Magicbit as a STEM tool, we carefully designed it to be friendly for children.

Magicbit is not operating alone. While we have our own cloud based software -Magicblocks, we made Magicbit cross compatible with all popular platforms out there. For example if you are familiar with Arduino or MicroPython, you can program in the same way using Magicbit. 

It works like Magic with other cloud platforms too. Which means you can try out real world applications with any cloud platform you like. is a cloud based IoT platform we developed with inbuilt device manager and visual code builder based on Node-RED. This hides the complexity of hardware, firmware and protocols. We want to encourage innovators to focus on logic and creativity.

The platform supports to learn basic concepts more quickly with a simplified learning process ( i.e - 10 minutes to develop a simple application). However this has the capability to build complex applications with hardware, customized coding and third party integrations. 

 Best part is we have made it FREE for everyone for learning purposes.

Have you ever thought of the number of sensors in your smart phone? Magicblocks mobile app brings the inbuilt sensors and the capabilities of the mobile phone to the solution development environment of Magicbit. This enables to get sensor data from the phone and use the phone as an input or an output device.

1. Using sensors and input data from mobile - GPs, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, light , proximity, camera, temperature, pressure

2. Using mobile as an output device - Push notification

 Again best part is it's also made FREE for anyone to use. You can download it from google play store and our iOS version is under development.

Not only IoT, Magicbit is a single platform to learn and practice any area below.

Internet of Things (IoT): Develop IoT applications and automations in minutes with web/mobile dashboards.

Computer programming: Programming is more fun with a hardware platform. Practice coding with C, Python or Scratch.

Robotics: Master the basics of Robotics such as obstacle avoiding, line following and WiFi & Bluetooth control.

Electronics: Learn the basics of electronics with digital I/O, analog I/O, communications etc. 

Now, let's think for a moment. With a platform with all these features what can you possibly do?

You will be amazed, if you do a quick search on the internet, to see the number of applications you can do with all these futures. Actually it's LIMITLESS.

Let's see few example applications done with Magicbit.

Plant watering

Automate watering your plants based on soil moisture.

Pet Feeder

Feed your pets remotely using mobile.

Phone and Arm movement

Use your mobile as an input device for projects.

Create Games

Try out fun projects you see on the internet.

Pulse Oximeter

Monitor oxygen level in blood using your own device.


Build different types of awesome robots.

 As students, we also used popular platforms to develop solutions. While all the competitive products in the market helped us to inspire to develop our own platform, we developed Magicbit specifically to address issues we all have like low features, cross compatibility problems, need to buy different modules for applications, difficulty for use for a beginners and the cost.

Magicbit standout with ease of use and cost effectiveness when compared with others.

Below front and back layouts gives the picture of the composition of features on board.

 Pluggable Modules in Magicbit Pro Kit.

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