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IoT Learning Kit Smart Home System(for arduino uno, scratch graphical programming)


1 Understanding Smart Home

-Understanding the concept of smart home and building a smart home

-Understanding BLE-UNO motherboard and its programming environment

-Printing "Welcome to smart home" on serial port

2 Intelligent human body sensor light

-Understand the principle and use of human body sensor

-Learn the programming of the human body sensor

-Make a human body sensor light to realize the function of light on when people come

3 Musical doorbell

-Learn the characteristics of touch sensor and passive buzzer and their principles

-Learn the programming of touch sensor abyss and passive buzzer broadcast

-Make a musical doorbell

4 Intelligent temperature control fan

-Learn the principle and use of temperature and humidity sensor and motor fan module

-Learn the programming control of the temperature and humidity sensor and motor fan module

-Make a temperature-controlled fan to automatically turn on the fan when the temperature is detected to be high

5 Automatic garage doors

-Learn about the characteristics and use of infrared obstacle avoidance sensors and servos

-Learn the programming of infrared obstacle avoidance sensor and ostrich control

-Make an automatic car gate, to achieve the detection of parking automatically lift the gate railing

6 Intelligent access control

- Understand the matrix keyboard and use

-Learn matrix keypad programming

-Produce intelligent access control system to achieve password control door opening and closing

7 Automatic smart windows

-Learn the principle and use of raindrop sensor

-Learn the programming of raindrop sensor

-Make automatic windows and close them automatically when it rains

8 Intelligent light-controlled windows

-Learn the principle and use of photosensitive sensor and digital tube

-Learn to program and control photosensitive sensors and digital tubes

-Make light-controlled windows to realize automatic opening of windows at dawn and automatic closing of lights at night

9 Intelligent smoke alarm system

-Learn the characteristics and use of smoke sensing

-Learn the programming of the smoke sensor

-Make a smoke alarm system to achieve automatic smoke exhaust when smoke is detected

10 Air quality detection system

-Learn the characteristics of the LCD display and its principle

-Learn to use the LCD monitor programming

-Make an air quality detection system to realize LCD display of temperature and humidity of smart home

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