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How to Make a Significant Improvement in Circuit Boards with a Small Investment - Choosing the Right Solder Mask Ink

by: Jun 15,2023 1640 Views 0 Comments Posted in PCB Basic Information

How Important is Solder Mask Ink?

  • Provides insulation protection;
  • Acts as a safeguard against short circuits and corrosion;
  • Enhances the reliability and durability of the circuit board;
  • Ensures stable transmission of signals.



  • Reliable quality with excellent insulation performance;
  • Excellent heat resistance, suitable for various processes and environmental conditions;
  • Low water absorption rate, improving the reliability and stability of the circuit board;
  • Chemical resistance, capable of resisting corrosion and chemical substances;
  • Low dielectric constant, preserving signal integrity.

Halogen-free TAIYO INK

In addition to conventional TAIYO INK, PCBWay also provides halogen-free TAIYO INK, giving an additional eco-friendly choice.


  • Halogen-free is more environmentally friendly;
  • Utilizing enhanced epoxy resin to enhance insulation performance, increase insulation resistance, and improve the circuit board's withstand voltage capability.

How Does TAIYO INK Protect Circuit Boards?

  1. After customers select the substrate, professional technicians perform operations in a cleanroom environment at a temperature of 20-25°C and humidity of 50-60%. Acid treatment and brushing are done first to ensure a clean and uniform substrate surface.
  2. During printing, the TAIYO INK is evenly applied to the substrate. It is then left undisturbed for at least 10 minutes to allow the ink molecules to interconnect.
  3. Precise temperature control and timing are employed during pre-baking to ensure optimal quality.
  4. After exposure, the ink is given adequate settling time to remove bubbles.
  5. Development is carried out under suitable liquid temperature and spray pressure conditions, with a controlled development time of 60-90 seconds to ensure clarity and completeness.
  6. Finally, the board is baked in a hot air circulation oven at 150°C for 60 minutes, allowing the ink to fully cure and exhibit its best characteristics.

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