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Pixel Pump

by: Jul 15,2022 2080 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

Sodering LEDs Crowdfunding Project

Summary:       An open-source, manual pick-and-place machine for PCB artisans

Pixel Pump is an open source vacuum pump for manual SMT assembly with a pen, a foot pedal, RGB LED buttons and a variety of functions that can make the process interesting. It is suitable for both individual prototypes and small production runs.

Thoughtful, High-Quality Design

Pixel Pump has five stainless-steel nozzles with different sizes, the outer diameters ranging from 0.3mm to 1.8mm. So this device has the ability to pick and place most SMD and components. Nozzles are secured by luer lock slip fitting for quick nozzle changes, while also being widely compatible with third-party nozzles. And the pen can be attached to the Pixel Pump magnetically.

Tactile silicone buttons with RGB backlighting completely control the unit. The operation modes can be controlled between high and low-power, or activate reverse mode to clean your nozzle. These button also enable you configure things like vacuum power and LED brightness.

Pixel Pump has a pressure-relief that can dump vacuum to ensure quick release of part when you release the foot pedal. Or you can configure the valve to switch from suction mode to pressure mode, which quickly and easily cleans the nozzle in case you have accidentally sucked in debris like solder paste.

A sintered air filters protect vacuum pumps and valves from debris that may be drawn into the system. And it's easy to clean and reuse.

A Perfect Companion for Prototype Boards & Small-Scale Manufacturing

In addition to individuals and organizations for one-off prototypes, Pixel Pump is also ideal for small production runs. It is very easy to use and is actually faster than automated pick-and-place machines for small batches, especially when combined with SMD magazines.

Organize SMD Parts with Our SMD Magazines

Our SMD Magazines are injection molded containers for SMD tape, which used to store components and display them for picking. You can use standard 10mm wide stickers to label the contents of each magazine, which makes organizing a breeze.

Group SMD Magazines with Our SMD-Magazine Rails

Each SMD magazine can hold up to 8 magazines for you to pick up and place their components by using the Pixel Pump. You can also use these rails to group components for specific projects. They feature non-slip rubber feet and are weighted for extra stability.

Optional, Secondary Foot Pedal

Each Pixel Pump has a foot pedal, but you may need another at times. In addition to switching modes and power settings, the second foot pedal provides hands-free control of the iBOM app. iBOM generates an HTML rendering of your design, including a list of each section, which can be useful when manually picking and placing components. With the assist foot pedal, you can seamlessly advance from one component to another while keeping your eyes and hands focused on their current task.

Features & Specifications

  • Comfortable pen that accommodates various vacuum nozzles
  • Small, flexible, heat-resistant silicone hose that connects the pen to Pixel Pump
  • Magnetic base for the pen
  • Strong, adjustable vacuum, perfect for picking small and large components alike
  • Tactile, silicone RGB-button interface
  • Foot pedal for triggering the pump
  • Optional second foot pedal for even more amazing tricks, like hands-free control of iBOM
  • Adjustable high/low power settings
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • Reverse mode, which creates pressure instead of suction to clean nozzles
  • Vacuum relief valve for quick depressurization to drop parts more quickly
  • Easy software updates via USB Type-C
  • Compact design that respects the limited surface area of your workbench

This project is now crowdfunding on CrowdSupply, Check here for more info and support it you are interesting:)

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