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Networking Wi-Fi Embedded Linux Boards Crowdfunding Project

Summary:       A unique open source handheld platform for mesh-routed app development with battery, display, SD card and keyboard

Meshinger is the first handheld wireless router with battery, eInk display, SD card and a keyboard. Its hardware, operating system and all applications are also open-source, hackable and based on OpenWRT, which allowed existing OpenWRT packages to run on it. This feature helps Meshinger become a powerful platform for mesh-routed app development amd messaging.

Meshinger contains a demonstration messenger application, it can provides mesh-routed end-to-end encrypted messaging capabilities via the 802.11s mesh protocol, although there is no other network infrastructure available.

There are two unique functions provided by Meshinger: true offline mesh messaging and functioning as a pocket-sized single-unit wireless router.

Offline mesh messaging can be valuable in remote areas where those infrastructure might be unavailable, but it can also be very valuable in some urban situation when existing network infrastructure is damaged, blocked or shut down.

The pocket OpenWRT is very beneficial to penetration testers. The Wifi Pineapple is an existing OpenWRT-based security testing tool with a wide variety of ported packages. The same packages can run on this handheld instead of an extra laptop or phone.

Due to the whole open-source development, developers can use this platform to build their own applications by using functions that The OpenWRT platform has and mobile phone do not. For example, 802.11s and the other capabilities of a full Wi-fi chipset.

Features & Specifications

  • Wifi Module: Mk76-based Skylab SKW92 OpenWRT module
  • Power: 18650 field-replaceable lithium ion battery, or 5 v DC power plug for wall adapter
  • Display: 2.13" Pervasive Displays eInk display
  • Keyboard: Q10 Blackberry keyboard
  • Storage: MicroSD card slot
  • Network: On-board RJ45 Ethernet port, dual-antenna Wi-fi with MIMO
  • USB: USB Host with Type-A port (will only work when running from a 5 v power supply, not on battery)
  • Debug Port: TTL serial at 3.3 V

This project is going to crowdfund on CrowdSupply, check the link for more information and support it if you are interested:)

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