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CADENCE OrCAD new scalable technology to shorten the PCB design process

by: Dec 10,2013 1454 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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Cadence design systems inc. Today announced the ® with PSpice software OrCAD ® PCB designer and OrCAD PCB Designer two sets of new products. The two products included in the new OrCAD version 10.3, for played a significant role in the development of the whole OrCAD product line. The latest release of OrCAD product line to PCB designer provides low price and high performance design tool, continue to improve the whole Cadence ® Allegro ® PCB product productivity and provide simple extensions.

Trueposition company Joe Merola said. "we are pleased to see Cadence improve existing, we's Allegro PCB techniques used in the past five years to promote its OrCAD. Cadence PCB technology to help us solve the toughest wireless positioning design, manufacturability and testability challenge."

With PSpice software OrCAD PCB Designer and OrCAD PCB Designer has through the test of time and new OrCAD technology, is a full-featured tool suite. New OrCAD PCB Editor has these two functions, it is a by the Cadence Allegro PCB Editor evolved into the rules of the driver PCB design editing tools.

OrCAD PCB Designer also includes SPECCTRA ® - the industry's leading automatic wiring program and design input tool OrCAD Capture ®. The Capture to create, edit, complex, multilayer PCB provides an interactive environment. A/D PCB Designer combined with Pspice software Pspice software used for analog/mixed-signal simulation. The two sets of products to help small project team improve productivity, easily expand to the next layer technology, and keep pace with the growth of the ability to design. In addition, OrCAD 10.3 for OrCAD Capture, OrCAD Layout ® and Pspice; the introduction of new features and technology.

Cadence OrCAD, says Steve Kamin, director of the product line "OrCAD PCB Designer enhanced OrCAD product lines, to provide our customers the measurable, the solution of the economy. As the OrCAD Capture, OrCAD Capture CIS, OrCAD Layout and Pspice software, the improvement of the performance of the Cadence can continue to provide our customers the challenge of design tools, and put them into the market."

Including OrCAD PCB Designer OrCAD version 10.3 will be put into use in November, the OrCAD product line to the Cadence Allegro ® 200 series, and then to Allegro 600 series of upgrades are easier to implement, design data or change to use module without translation. OrCAD products sales are done by supplier through a worldwide network.

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