A DIY replica of electronic speed test game, manufactured by Coinline in Finland. A similar game is also manufactured by DPS-Promatic in Italy. These games became very popular in Finland in 90s because they were part of a tv-show competition. The speed test game is still fun and addictive. You must press the buttons as they lit up. The speed gradually increases. See this youtube video of the game in action. Another video which has the latest version of electronics.


  • You can select between speed test and memory test
  • Easy and hard modes for speed test. Hard speed test is the same game but it begins from 100 points. This way you can skip the slow beginning when trying to beat new high score
  • Sound effects as in original game. Selectable between old and new version (old speed games had higher pitch)
  • High scores saved, separately for speed test and memory test
  • Speed test has 'memory' or 'stack' of 50 presses. So you can press the buttons a bit late, as long as the order is correct
  • Demo mode
  • Instructions on screen when you switch power on

See the project web page with complete information about the project. Includes schematic diagrams, PCB design files, compiled firmware and source code.

Aug 26,2019
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