Can be used to run a 5V WS2812 LED display from an FPGA or Raspberry PI. Or should be able to connect other 5V peripherals systems to anything with a 3.3V output.

Just input the 3.3V signal into one of the input pins in the PMOD header (4, 3, 2, 1 at the top) from your PI or FPGA, and it'll output a 5V signal to the terminal block connectors at the bottom.

Parts list:

0.1" or 2.54mm right angle connector (6 x 1). [1]

4x 1206 200ohm SMD resistors

4x 1206 4.7K ohm SMD pullup resistors.

1x 0.1uF 1206 SMD capacitor

1x 1.0uF 1206 SMD capacitor

Optional: 1x 1.25mm x 1.4mm power LED (shows the PMODs power is connected)

Optional:1x 1206 resistor for above LED (input voltage = 3.3V, use resistor calculator and voltage of above LED to calculate resistance)

Optional:1x 1.25mm x 1.4mm external power LED (shows the external power is connected)

Optional:1x 1206 resistor for the above LED (again, do calculations)

3x External 0.2" / 5mm 2pin terminal block connector. [2]

SN74AHCT125D IC [3]

[1] https://uk.farnell.com/molex/90121-0766/connector-header-6pos-1row-2-54mm/dp/9733477?CMP=i-bf9f-00001000

[2] https://www.aliexpress.com/item/30-50pcs-Pitch-5-0mm-Screw-PCB-Terminal-Block-Connector-Straight-Pin-2P-3P-5mm-WJ129V/32897458367.html

[3] https://uk.farnell.com/texas-instruments/sn74ahct125d/ic-buffer-gate-quad-3state-smd/dp/1287453

You can see this in use on my Blog here which has more information.

May 21,2019
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