Sundial rev 21.06.1

Board Description: Integrated BLE microprocessor and NFC peripheral for wireless communication. I had an excellent experience with the PCB manufacture service. The boards are good quality and were made quickly in less time than the estimate on the website (52 hours from start to shipping for assembly). I like how you have detailed tracking so that I see the progress that has been made. The PCBway capabilities are listed in great detail on the website. This helped me to design a board that could be manufactured without flaws. The silkscreen has good clarity even though I made the text size as small as the PCBWay capabilities will allow. I used black soldermask and it looks amazing! The PCBWay order number that is printed on the board was discretely placed in the corner of the board. It would be nice to have a feature where I can specify the placement of the order number or alternatively which side of the board it should go on. I would have preferred number on the side with components, not the blank side. On the whole, I am extremely impressed with the cost and quality of the PCBway PCB manufacture service.

Jul 12,2021
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