Remote control for Robotic Toy Car Project

This is the remote control unit for the Robotic Toy Car Project. It is designed to work with ESP-Now protocol. There are 10 GPIO's broken out on the board, so it could in theory also be used for other purposes. This would however require a bit of knowledge of the current circuit layout. In the current configuration, provision was made for 4 push button inputs (SW1 to SW4) as well as a deep sleep function ( with a jumper on the WAKE header - GP16) to save battery power when not in use. There are no USB to UART circuitry onboard, but the RX and Tx pins are broken out for uploading via external UART to USB converter. Power is regulated via an onboard LDO voltage regulator. In future this may be replaced by a buck converter. The PCB's were manufactured completely to speck, and look great. Thank you PCBWay

Jun 28,2022
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