Esp8266 connector expander

This project is an expander for the esp8266 board. This board solves a problem that I have: not finding the wires and right connectors that I need when I need it. With this board, you can solder different connectors and wires in the same port, which allow you to have lots of different connectors for each one of the microcontroller's ports. The finising of the PCB is wonderful and I loved the black color. The PCB had very small texts to be printed on, and these texts were perfectly printed. The thickness of the PCB is good for the project, but if I order this project again, I'll chose to make it 1.6mm thick, since this makes the PCB more robust and a thin PCB is not ideal for connecting and disconnecting things, specially a microcontroler like this one. I'm sure that even if the PCB is not that thick, it probably won't break or something like that, but I like to feel very secure with my PCBs and the connectors of the microcontroller.

Jun 27,2022
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