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Praddy asked Sep 30,2019

when we share projects on the pcb way open community then we choose the "gerber not allowed" option which means that the pcbwayers cannot download the gerber and hence they have to order it to the cart and pay , so we get 10% of the commission but this does not happens as the pcbwayers save it in the cart and then download the gerber design and edit to their convienience and order so we aren't getting the commission. 

so why to keep the option 'gerber not allowed' if such cheating is done.

i appreciate pcbway support and seek their help to kindly charge 2% on the pcbwayers when they save to cart and no charge when they download the gerber as it is given by the maker.

or else donot keep the option of the zip file.

kindly check the attachment i m talking about.

i request pcbway to do the same if my  question gets 50likes.

please cooperate and thanks for support.


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