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[PCB] How to control a meanwell driver/dimmer

Hi all, I am looking to hook up a nodemcu to my led driver (meanwell hlg-480-B 3-in-1 dimming fonctions) I have a NPN bc547 transistor from what I've read online this should be enough even tho an ...

[Others] Is it possible to effectively ramp the PWM duty cycle to reduce inrush current?

I have some DC motors which I need to power and the power supply can handle the motors (I have a beefy 12V 60A output buck converter which is advertised as having "Short Circuit Protection")...

[Others] MCU controlled buck converter?

If it's possible to control the power output of a 12V/150W heating element using some sort of buck converter circuit. It should step down the 12V input to various voltages required to vary the out...

[Others] How do I use a magnetic encoder, and should I use PWM or digitalread to read the angle of the motor at high rpms(2000-3000rpm)?

If say I use AS5048A magnetic encoder, to be able to find the angle at such high rpm, would it still be possible to use PWM? Or do I have to use the digital read? In that case, how would I program it?
  • answered Sep 02,2020
    by Paul H
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