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Micro:bit v2

Meet the new BBC micro:bit v2 - Upgraded with a powerful new processor that has more capability and also adds more sensing with a new speaker and microphone!

Micro:bit v2 is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids and beginners,you can use it to learn how to program, bring ideas into DIY digital games, interactive projects, and robotics. Also you can use it for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments.

It designed to be fun and easy to use, users can create anything using micro:bit, from games and animations to scrolling stories at school, at home, and on the go.

Micro:bit v2 has a lot of features and is completely programmable. Each of its LEDs can be individually programmed. It is also equipped with a MEMS microphone, speaker, and touch-sensitive logo. If you want to realize wireless projects, it is equipped with a 2.4GHz micro:bit radio and BLE Bluetooth 5.0. Also, It has 25 red LEDs that can flash messages and two programmable buttons that can be used to control games or pause and skip songs on a playlist. micro:bit v2 can also detect motion and tell you in which direction you’re heading in with the help of the onboard accelerometer.


Processor: Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833

Memory: 512KB Flash, 128KB RAM

Interface: NXP KL27Z, 32KB RAM

Microphone: MEMS microphone and LED indicator

Speaker: On-board speaker

Logo touch: Touch-sensitive logo

Edge Connector: 25 pins. 4 dedicated GPIO, PWM, I2C, SPI and ext.power. 3 ring pins for connecting crocodile clips/banana plugs. Notched for easier connection

I2C: Dedicated I2C bus for peripherals

Wireless: 2.4GHz micro:bit Radio/BLE Bluetooth 5.0

Power: 5V via micro-USB port, 3V via edge connector or battery pack, LED power indicator, Power off (push and hold the power button)

Current available: 200mA available for accessories

Motion Sensor: ST LSM 303

Software: C++, MakeCode, Python, Scratch

Size: 5cm(w) x 4cm(h)

Package List:

micro:bit v2 x 1

User guide x 1

More information please check:https://microbit.org/new-microbit/

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