Product Description

TTGO T-Display ESP32 WiFi and Bluetooth Module Development Board For Arduino 1.14 Inch LCD

Hardware Specifications

Chipset: ESPRESSIF-ESP32 240MHz Xtensa single-/dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor



Button: Reset

USB to TTL CP2104

Modular interface: UART、SPI、SDIO、I2C、LED PWM、TV PWM、I2S、IRGPIO、ADC、capacitor touch sensor、DACLNA pre-amplifier

Display: IPS ST7789V 1.14 Inch

Working voltage: 2.7V-4.2V

Working current: About 60MA

Sleep current: About 120uA

Working temperature range: -40℃ ~ +85℃

Size&Weight: 51.52*25.04*8.54mm(7.81g)

Power Supply Specifications

Power Supply: USB 5V/1A

Charging current: 500mA

Battery: 3.7V lithium battery

JST Connector: 2Pin 1.25mm

USB Type-C




Protocol: 802.11 b/g/n(802.11n,speed up to150Mbps)A-MPDU and A-MSDU polymerization,support 0.4μS Protection interval

Frequency range: 2.4GHz~2.5GHz(2400M~2483.5M)

Transmit Power: 22dBm

Communication distance: 300m



Protocol: Meet bluetooth v4.2BR/EDR and BLE standard

Radio frequency: With -97dBm sensitivity NZIF receiver Class-1,Class-2&Class-3 emitter AFH

Audio frequency: CVSD&SBC audio frequency


Software specification

Wi-Fi Mode: Station/SoftAP/SoftAP+Station/P2P

Security mechanism: WPA/WPA2/WPA2-Enterprise/WPS

Encryption Type: AES/RSA/ECC/SHA

Firmware upgrade: UART download/OTA(Through network/host to download and write firmware)

Software Development: Support cloud server development /SDK for user firmware development

Networking protocol: IPv4、IPv6、SSL、TCP/UDP/HTTP/FTP/MQTT

User Configuration: AT + Instruction set, cloud server, android/iOSapp



More information:

Product PIN Diagram

Size Chart

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