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ESP32 WiFi Bluetooth Dual-mode Communication Development Board With Camera


  • The module features an onboard OV2640 camera and digital microphone, which support image recognition and voice processing.
  • It includes an on-board 40PIN GPIO interface that can be connected to Raspberry Pi HAT modules, allowing for adaptation to various Internet of Things applications.
  • The module also contains a lithium battery charging and boosting chip, which supports battery charging and discharging, as well as USB power supply.
  • This module is compatible with both Arduino and ESP-IDF software SDKs, allowing for seamless integration with ESP-WHO applications.
  • It also features onboard 8MB PSRAM, 4MB FLASH memory, and SD expansion support.
  • The module comes with an on-board USB to UART chip CP2102, which facilitates serial port debugging and downloading.
  • Finally, the module includes 4 LED indicators, which make it easy to check the running status of the module.


  • WiFi standard: 802.11b/g/n g/n
  • Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 4.2, including traditional Bluetooth (BR/EDR) and low power Bluetooth (BLE)
  • Processor: Xtensa LX6 dual-core processor @240MHz
  • Camera: OV2640 (UXGA 1622×1200) (camera version only)
  • SRAM: 520KB+8MB
  • Flash memory: 448 KB+4 MB
  • Input voltage: 3.3V~5V
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Charging current: 1A @ 5V
  • Current consumption of the whole machine: 7.7 Ma @ 5 V (ESP32 deep sleep)
  • Product size: 65mm× 30.5mm
  • Working temperature:-40℃ ~ 85℃

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