Product Description


Pico-Eval-Board is an evaluation board designed and developed for Raspberry Pi Pico. It is equipped with a 3.5-inch 65K color LCD screen and other abundant onboard resources. It can use almost all the on-chip peripherals of RP2040, and it can help users get started and learn easily and quickly.

  • On-board Raspberry Pi Pico interface for Raspberry Pi Pi series motherboards
  • On-board 3.5-inch resistive touch screen with 65K color can clearly display color pictures.
  • On-board standard 3.5mm audio interface, which can connect headphones or other audio peripherals.
  • The Micro SD card slot connected with onboard SDIO interface can read and write SD cards faster than SPI interface.
  • On-board battery interface and charging circuit can be used in case of power failure to ensure stable power supply.
  • On-board buzzer, photoresistor, RGB LED and other rich resources.

LCD parameters

  • Working voltage 5V resolution 480× 320 pixels
  • Touch type resistance touch display color 65K color
  • The SPI display size of communication interface is 73.44× 48.96mm.
  • The IPS pixel size of the display panel is 0.153× 0.153mm.
  • The control chip ILI9488/XPT2046 has a product size of 86.00× 57.20mm.

Introduction to interface

1.Raspberry Pi Pico interface

Access Raspberry Pi Pico motherboard

2.LCD interface

Used for connecting 3.5-inch IPS LCD

3.Mirco USB interface

Can be used for communication with CP2102 or charging

4.3.5mm audio interface

Accessible earphone

5.Micro SD card slot

SDIO interface connection, fast reading and writing Micro SD card

6.PH2.0 battery interface

Connectable to 3.7V lithium battery

Introduction of chip


USB to UART chip


Electrostatic protection diode to prevent ESD from damaging the chip


Audio DAC chip, which can output analog audio


Counter chip for clock frequency division


Inverter chip


Serial data to parallel data chip


Lithium battery charging chip, charging current 1A


9-axis motion sensor, which can sense current posture.


Level-shifting chip enables chips with different working voltages to communicate safely.


Resistive touch chip

Introduction of devices



18. Passive buzzer

Sound frequency controllable

19. User keys

User-defined key to connect GP2

20. Reset button

Pico reset button

1. Photosensitive resistor

Converting the light intensity signal into a voltage signal, and collecting the light intensity

22. indicator light

PWR: power indicator light

TXD: CP2102 UART sending indicator light

RXD: CP2102 UART receiving indicator

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