Product Description

Bluetooth 5.0 audio module TPA3116D2 stereo high-power digital HIFI level 2.0 power amplifier board 2x50W

AUX audio input + Bluetooth combo HIFI grade with filter 2x50W Bluetooth digital power amplifier board

A high-quality power amplifier specially provided for HIFI music, With AUX and Bluetooth audio source input methods.

TPA3116D2 is a class D power amplifier IC launched by TI, with very high index parameters. The modulation frequency can reach up to 1.2MHZ, and the high-power output distortion is less than 0.1%.

How to choose Bluetooth or AUX audio input mode?

Power on the power amplifier board, connect the speaker, turn the audio knob to turn on the blue indicator light, open the phone settings-Bluetooth-search for "BT-WUZHI", then click connect, after the connection is successful, there will be a "Ding Dong" sound, this When it is in Bluetooth mode, just play music, and it will automatically connect back to the phone next time it is powered on.

If you want to use AUX audio input, just disconnect the Bluetooth connection, there will be a sound prompt, just plug in the audio cable to play music. In AUX (LINE IN) mode, the Bluetooth connection will automatically switch to Bluetooth mode.

Product parameter

Product name: HIFI level with filter 2x50W Bluetooth digital power amplifier board

Product model: ZK-502C

Chip: TPA3 1 1 6D2 (with AM interference suppression function)

With or without filter: Yes (the sound is more round and clear after filtering)

Adapted power supply voltage: 5-27V (optional 9v/12v/15v/18v/24v etc.)

Adapter adapter speaker: 30W-200W, 4Ω, 8Ω

Channels: left and right dual channels (stereo)

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Bluetooth transmission distance: 15 meters (unobstructed)

Protection mechanism: overvoltage, under voltage, overheating, DC detection, short circuit protection.

Some issues may appear when you are using it: 

1.when you turn the volume up, the voice becomes muddy?

The sound is distorted, please change to a higher voltage adapter power supply

2.when you turn the volume up, the voice freezes?

If the input power is insufficient, the power supply itself has intermittent power failure protection, please replace with a higher power power supply; or the power is too large, the power amplifier board heats up seriously, and thermal protection occurs. Reduce power usage or strengthen heat dissipation.

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