Product Description

4.2inch NFC-Powered e-Paper Evaluation Kit, Wireless Powering & Data Transfer

NFC E-Paper Eval Kit 4.2"

4.2" NFC-Powered E-Paper Evaluation Kit

Comes With NFC-Powered E-Paper, NFC Reader, Micro SD Card, And Essential Accessories


4.2" NFC-Powered E-Paper

Adopts Novel Passive NFC Technology

No Battery Required, No More Battery Life Trouble

Wireless NFC-Powered Display Refreshing

Passive NFC Solution, No Battery Required, No Messy Wiring, Stable Operation

How It Works

To Refresh The Display Content,

Use A Smart Phone With NFC Function, Or An NFC Reader,

Close To The E-Paper For Both Wireless Powering And Data Transfer

NFC Board Introduction

ST25R3911B NFC Chip, AT32F413RBT7 Controller,

OLED Display, User Buttons, And Common Used Interfaces

  • AT32F413RBT7
  • Core: ARM? 32-bit Cortex?-M4F
  • Operating Frequency: 200MHz
  • Operating Voltage: 2.0V-3.6V
  • Package: LQFP64
  • Memories: 128kB Flash, 32kB SRAM
  • Communication Interfaces: 2 x SPI, 5 x USART, 2 x I2C, 2 x CAN, 1 x USB, 1x SDIO
  • AD & DA Converters: 2 x AD (12-bit, shares 16 channels)
  • ST25R3911B: NFC chip, aka AS3911B
  • 23LC1024: SRAM, 1Mbit
  • CP2102: USB TO UART converter, for debugging
  • SPX3819: 3.3V voltage regulator
  • 1.3" OLED: blue display, 128×64 pixels, SH1106 driver
  • 4x user buttons:
  • 2x user indicators
  • MCU unused pins
  • USB TO UART port
  • Micro SD slot
  • SWD programming interface
  • NFC induction coil
  • UART pin configuration
  • RXD: connected to RXD2 by default, changeable to RXD1 via 0Ω resistor
  • TXD: connected to TXD2 by default, changeable to TXD1 via 0Ω resistor

Refreshing Example

Refreshed By Smartphone, Comes With Android APP, As Easy As Swiping A Credit Card

Refreshed By ST25R3911B NFC Board Included In The Kit

Application Examples

Suitable For Price Tags, Asset/Equipment Tags, Shelf Labels, Conference Name Tags...




DISPLAY COLOR: Black / White

REFRESH TIME: 4s (data transfer time is not included)

DOT PITCH: 0.212×0.212

DISPLAY SIZE: 84.8mm×63.6mm


OUTLINE DIMENSION: 105.1mm×94.1mm


Outline Dimensions

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