Product Description

100W*2 Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Module

Product parameter:

Product Name: 100W*2 Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Module

Product model: ZK-1002T

Bluetooth version: 5.0 (unobstructed, 10m)

Signal to noise ratio: > 90db

Input mode: AUX+Bluetooth

Number of channels: Left and right channels (stereo)

Power amplifier chip: TPA3116D2 (with AM interference suppression function)

Adapted power supply: Above DC12~24V/5A (the higher the voltage, the greater the output power)

Adapted speakers: 20~200W, 4~8Ω

Output power: 20W*2@12V,8Ω 35W*2@12V,4Ω

35W*2@19V,8Ω 60W*2@19V,4Ω

50W*2@24V,8Ω 100W*2@24V,4Ω

Protection mechanism: Overvoltage, undervoltage, overheat, DC detection and short circuit protection

Product dimensions: 110mm*70mm*21 mm

Product weight: 161g (including packaging)


We recommend to use DC18V DC19V DC24V power supply, with current above 5A

Only when the audio input is enough and the power supply voltage/current is enough there can be enough output power! ! !

The higher the power supply voltage, the greater the output power, and the smaller the horn impedance, the greater the output power! ! !

Please ensure that the adaptive power supply is greater than the actual working power of the amplifier! ! !

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