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How to Create a SMD pad using the Allegro Padstack Editor?

by: Aug 11,2023 2010 Views 0 Comments Posted in PCB Design Tutorial

Tutorial SMD pad Cadence 17.2 Allegro Padstack Editor

This tutorial takes GA0603Y103KXBAC31G from Vishay as an example.

Step 1: Open the GA0603Y103KXBAC31G data sheet for the package specifications of this device.

From the data sheet above, it is obtained that the pad size of the 0603 package is LEL=0.75mm in length and LB=1.00mm in width.

Step 2: Find Padstack Editor and then click.

Step 3: It can be seen in the Start interface that Cadence shows us schematic diagrams of various pads, as shown in the figure below.

GA0603Y103KXBAC31G is an SMD in 0603 package, so we choose "SMD Pin" to make the pad of 0603 package. Select the pad shape as "Rectangle", and set the unit and precision, as shown in the figure below.

Setting description about units and decimal places: Mils selects 2 decimal places, and Millimeter selects 4 decimal places. 

Step 4: Switch to the Design Layers interface, and then open Geometry to set the pad shape. Here we choose Rectangle, fill in the pad width as 0.7500mm, and fill in the height as 1.0000mm.

Step 5: Switch to the Mask Layers interface and set the SOLDERMASK_TOP and PASTEMASK_TOP parameters.

Note: The geometric shape of the SOLDERMASK_TOP layer is consistent with that of the BEGIN LAYER layer, and the length and width parameters are 0.1mm larger than the Regular Pad of the BEGIN LAYER layer. It can be increased and decreased appropriately according to the needs (cannot be smaller than the Regular Pad). For the PASTEMASK_TOP layer, geometric shape and length and width parameters are all consistent with the Regular Pad of the BEGIN LAYER layer.

At this point the pad has been completed, select "File"->"Save As" to save the file.

We named the pad SMDR1R0_0R75, and you can name it according to your company's package naming standards.

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