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The circuit PCB EDA design of important operating

by: Jan 15,2014 1333 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

PCB diagram PCB board designing PCB PCB Editor PCB

Start PCB Editor → determine the size of the circuit board mount package components → Library → Table 9 loaded network component layout , wiring → ​​automatic / manual routing → ​​View 3D view.

( 1 ) the size of the board settings . Before designing PCB, we must first set the board size / frame , the design steps : first pop- editing area below Keep Out Layout ( prohibition wiring layer ) → Click on the toolbar ( just draw a border does not display size ) / ( picture frame and display size ) → → mobile → Click starting end clicks, you can set the board to complete the border . In the border setting process circuit board in order to facilitate the process of setting the size of view , we need to transform size units. Unit conversion step size is : View → Togg1e Limits → Mi1/mm conversion.

( 2 ) single / double board settings. To set a single-layer PCB board , then proceed as follows : Design → Rules → Routing Layer ( wiring layer ) → double click Rout Bottom → will Toplayer to Notused / Bottom Layer to Notused.

(3) PCB connection diagram width settings. Execution Ru1es/Width Constant → modification , you can modify the connection diagram PCB width . General VCC / GND set 30 mi1, ordinary set 25 mi1.

( 4 ) modify the power linewidth PCB diagram. Execution Who1e Layout → Net → Gnd / Vcc a modification , you can modify the PCB diagram power line width.

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