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How to Produce a PCB

by: Feb 25,2014 763 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

printed circuit board Produce a PCB

The foundation for an electronic device, the printed circuit board, provides a connection highway for components and mechanical data. The unetched beginnings of the printed circuit board begin with the circuit board substrate. Once equipped with electronic components, a printed circuit assembly forms. It's not economical to produce one printed circuit board design, but with the right equipment and software, mass printing circuit boards and circuit assemblies can generate substantial revenue.


1 Apply a thin layer of liquid copper to one or both sides of the circuit board surface. Using a specialized printed circuit board layout program and chemical etching tool, create a photomask that removes the excess copper from the board.

2 Use a printed circuit board laminate device to laminate the circuit board by bonding multiple layers of similar photoengraved printed circuit boards. This process increases the thickness and durability of the board.

3 Set the printed circuit board onto an automated drilling machine. The machine makes small puncture holes that hold the layers together electronically. The machine software determines the exact size, position and depth of each hole.

4 Obtain materials to solder the components to the printed circuit board. Since copper material is resistant to soldering, use small amounts of nickel and gold to bond the components to the copper-coated board.

5 Label important information on the printed circuit board, such as switch settings, part numbers, connector labels and more. A silk screen machine and software scans the circuit board and creates a mock-up of the board. Indicate where the labels need to go on the board and the machine prints the text on the printed circuit board.

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