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Program SMD PICs its so difficult, and normally the solution is put the subcircuit on the target PCB. Some times need to make a very small PCB and its imposible to put that pins. For that i design that adapter for the most common packages of PIC microcontrollers. Now i am designing a 3d printer adapter to align the microcontrollers perfectly to the foot print. The idea is put the microcontroller on the foot print and press it for make a good contact betwen the pins and the board for load the program.


The PCB its ready to supply the PICs with the PICkit programmer or with a norma USB charger and can select 5 or 3.3 volts for supply all types of PICs.

The design for program the next packages:

  • 44-TQFP

  • 28-SOIC

  • 28-QFN

  • 14-SOIC

  • 14-TSSOP

  • 8-SOIC

The components:

Resistors in 0805 SMD package

  • R1 10 kohm

  • R2 160 ohm

  • R3 160 ohm

  • R4 100 ohm

  • R5 100 ohm


  • C1, C2 10uF in 0805 SMD package


  • D1, D2, D3 MBR0520 schottky diode

  • D4 red LED

  • D5 red LED

  • D6 blue LED

  • D7 green LED


  • LM1117 3.3V rectifier in TO252 package


  • MicroUSB connector

  • 6 pin header connector for the pickit


  • Microswitch for select 5 or 3.3V when comes from USB

I add a table on the rear of the board for check the compatibility of the microcontroller.

Dec 07,2017
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