POWER9 processor bracket

A very good first CNC project for me with PCBWay. First the good points: - The surface finish is nice (it's bead blasted, as requested, but I was pleasantly surprised) - The tolerances exceed expected values (the smaller parts are mostly spot-on) - The threads I had cut are good (they're not brilliant, but they're better than I could tap by hand) - (And the threads are UNC 6/32 and M3.5, both sizes done correctly following the drawing) The not so good: - Larger holes are 'interpolated' not drilled, so sometimes the edge is rough (cosmetic in my case) - The inner hole was cut with quite a large tool which shows in the radius (but it doesn't affect the design) - The anodising is streaky The not so good points are minor, but I wanted this to show the reality. I'll certainly be using the service again (very soon, since now I have this part back I can see the amends to make, but also for other projects in the future).

May 08,2023
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