Integrated AVR/ESP programmer with FTDI/ISP output headers

I designed the PCB with KiCad and placed an order from PCBWay ( It was my first time with PCBWay and happy with the results. I’m quite satisfied with the quality. I have checked the PCBs with a magnifying glass for etching, solder mask, silkscreen, hole and edge finishes and all looked pretty good. Another thing I like about using PCBWay is the fast processing time. As you might noticed in the schematic above, I found a minor mistake for the first run and had to order the second batch. The first run was ordered in the middle of a week and the fabrication was all done within 24 hours and they immediately shipped. That was very impressive. The second order was place on Friday evening and they finished on Monday and shipped the package right away. The package is also pretty nicely done

Mar 28,2023
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