[Others] Rotary encoder keyboard for Hantek PC Scope

Can you please advise on schematic available for a keyboard contaning rotary encoders. This project is for a Hantek 6254 USB PC based Scope.

[Others] blood pressure and measurement of heart rate on arduino device

I need to integrate on arduino devices o similar these function: blood pressure, measurement of heart rate, Pedometer and Steps countingI would like use esp8266 device or please I'm looking forward a microcontroller.I need the firmware, the schematics and the bom list.thanks
  • answered Jun 10,2018
    by D*rko

[PCB] Arduino uploader code failed?

The program was successfully compiled but failed to upload. At first I choose COM1, but later after I change to COM3 still failed. Nothing happens when connected to the computer.The yellow light of the board will flash, the green light will be always on, the computer has installed the ide and driver. Why failed to upload code?
  • answered May 02,2018
    by T*mas

[PCB] Arduino project---some questions about relay

I am learning relay recently and made this project.The line and the parameters were correct. But after the power it will turned on and off at an extremely fast rate, completely out of control, what is wrong with it?
  • answered May 02,2018
    by T*mas
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