RGB Strip Board for 5V and 12V Strips (Corsair Lighting Protocol)

Brett Anderson asked Jan 20,2021

I am interested in this particular design from here: 

Corsair Lighting Protocol board - Share Project - PCBWay

My question is, how does 12V work on the molex connector? The pinouts for strips are 5V, Ground, and Data. 

I'm interested in this board and wonder if it would work for 5V strips as-is, but also, is there any modification required to use 12V strips with it? In my head, I foresee ground and data coming from the 3 pin connector, into a custom Y adapter to combine data+ground with 12V power from the wall AC Adapter or other source.

The 15.4 ft Govee Dreamcolor strip inspired this project, and I have an Arduino Uno with breadboard and soldered wires running as a proof of concept, but want to make this look cleaner and more "production ready" for my environment.

Thanks in advance!

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