Product Description

X302 bluetooth 5.0 power amplifier module (Euro-standard adapter)

If you need US-standard adapter, please click here

Product parameter:

  • Adapted power supply: DC12V/3AAUX+ Bluetooth
  • Audio input: AUX+ Bluetooth800mV
  • Input sensitivity: 800mV
  • Adapted horn: 4-8Ω; 5-50W
  • power output: MAX 30W*2@4Ω
  • frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Bare metal size: 107*80*39 mm (height excluding electron tube)
  • Packing size: 240*155*70 mm
  • Package weight: 463g

Note: The electronic tube of this product can be replaced, and supports a variety of small 7-pin electronic tubes such as 6J1, 6M1, 6J2, 6M2, EF95, 6AK5, GE5725W, GE5654W, etc.

Handling instruction

1. Turn the switch/volume knob counterclockwise to ensure the switch is closed.

2. Install the randomly worn electronic tube into the electronic tube holder according to the direction (the electronic tube is not divided into left and right sides. Check whether the pin is deformed before installation. If there is any deformation, you can gently correct it by hand. When installing, slowly insert the electronic tube vertically into the electronic tube holder, taking care not to shake as much as possible).

3. The output interface of power amplifier is connected with passive speaker (R is connected with right channel and L is connected with left channel) or the output interface of AUX audio is connected with active speaker.

4. Connect the power adapter.

5. Turn the switch/volume knob on, and the indicator light flashes.

6. This product has two audio input modes: AUX wired and Bluetooth wireless, and AUX wired input mode is preferred. Choose the audio input method you want.

7. Turn the switch/volume knob to adjust the volume to an appropriate size.

8. Enjoy the charm of daring machine quietly.

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