Product Description

SH-400 2D Barcode Scanner Module

SH-400 uses advanced imaging technology, has a very strong bar code scan and digital image acquisition function to achieve stable performance and rapid literacy, and enhance the literacy of low quality bar code. From ordinary one dimensional bar code to two-dimensional bar code on mobile device screen, SH-400 can be read.

The new high density design and reliability design, the key parts of the internal components are installed on a fixed module, suitable for mobile, equipment cabinet, assembly line, payment system, intelligent machine and other equipment integration.

Product features

Decoding technology: decoding all kinds of one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, achieving fast and accurate scanning. 

High performance scanning technology: support the market bar code, support broken and deformed bar code scanning, and support computer, mobile phone, tablet and screen two.

Dimension code scanning.

Widely used devices: ultra small volume, widely used mobile handheld terminals, POS payment, equipment cabinet, intelligent robot and other IOT industrial chain.

Scanning performance

Bar Code Density       Scanning depth of field

4mil Code39          40-90mm

6.67mil PDF417        30-130mm

10mil Data Matrix       50-90mm

13mil EAN-13         50-200mm

20mil QR Code         25-240mm

This data may vary due to barcode quality and environmental factors

SH-400 Technical Physical parameters

Physical parameters

Shape size                     Length * width * height 49mm*43mm*22mm

Packaging size                 Length * width * height 190mm*110mm*80mm

Shell material                  ABS

Product weight                60g

Packing weight                200g

LED                           Red, green

Performance parameter

working voltage                3.5-6.5V DC

DC power supply               Class2;5.2VDC@1A

Working power                 0.6W 150mA/3.7V

Standby power                 0.07W 20mA/3.7V 

Support bar code type          Standard1D,2D(PDF417,Data Matrix,QR)

Scan type                      Image

Background light source        White LED

Positioning light source         Red LED

System interface                USB、RS232、TTL UART232

Environmental parameters

Operating temperature         -10℃﹣50℃

Storage temperature           ﹣40℃﹣60℃

Operating humidity            5%-95% relative humidity, non condensing state

Electrostatic protection         + 15kVDC air discharge, + 8kVDC direct / indirect discharge

Fall test                        100 times /1M

Light intensity                  0-100.000LUX

Motion tolerance               100 mm / sec 13milUPC

IP level                         Referenced to IP54 design standard

Dust-proof                     Seal to prevent air particles from invading

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