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    May 10th ,2018 to August 10th ,2018

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    August 11th ,2018 to August 15th ,2018

  • Winners

    August 17th ,2018

PCBWay has grown through more than 10 years and gained support and favor from related companies and enthusiasts in the electronics industry all over the world. As time goes on, we are also constantly developing and updating. In the face of the ever-changing PCBWay, do you still know well about us ?

  • Did you know that the quality is guaranteed on PCBWay and you always have the right to raise a dispute to get a timely and reasonable reply ?
  • Did you know that you can get many coupons by participating our activities ?
  • Did you know that we encourage people to open source their projects on our community to help more amateurs ?
  • Did you know that we use better materials in the similar price system as our competitors in China ?
  • Did you know that every word you feedback to us will be taken into the record and keep us moving on to be better?
  • Did you know that every month we sponsor decade of students and electronic enthusiasts with their non-profit projects to bring their ideas to life ?

  • Article with 200+ words

  • Article with 500+ words

  • Continuous submission bonus.
    Every time you upload five articles, you get an additional $100 coupon

  • Insert your PCBWay recommendation code into the article for additional bonuses

What’s more, we will select 3 best articles and offer the awards below

  • Can I submit more than one article?
    Yes, as long as all requirements are met, there is no limit to the number of articles.
  • Can I submit a previously written article?
    We accept articles that have been published during the activity time.
  • Can I write articles in other languages besides English?
    Yes, we accept articles in any language.
  • Is the article content limited to the PCBWay service?
    No, you can focus on your project and just mention where PCBWay impresses you most.
  • Can I join in it if I don’t have any personal blog website ?
    Yes, the posts on other platform ( hackday.io ; github.com ; instructables.com and etc. ) are acceptable.
  • Can I write something that I am not quite satisfied with?
    Sure, what we expect is honest review to keep us moving forward.

1. The publish date of the articles should be after May 10th .

2. One person can upload multiple different articles or links.

3. You can write anything about us from any direction you feel is good or not that perfect. The form and style of the article are not limited (news, tips, stories, talks,               reviews, etc. ), and number of words is not limited either.

4. We support originality and refuse to plagiarize articles

5. If you want us to support your blog with free PCBs, please contact sponsor@pcbway.com

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