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This cape puts your Beagle Bone Black on your LCC/OpenLCB network (http://www.openlcb.org/). This lets you use the many GPIO pins on your Beagle Bone Black to control and sense things on your model railroad.

This board adds a transceiver to to Beagle Bone's CAN1 controller and brings the CAN network signals out to a pair of parallel wired RJ45 jacks, as per the LCC/OpenLCB specification. It also has the ability to inject and/or tap the 12Volt power on the LCC/OpenLCB cable. This board, with software available from the MRRSystem can be used to turn a Beagle Bone Black into a router between CAN-based boards (eg RR-CirKits boards) and Tcp/Ip-based devices. It is of course possible to add additional capes which break out other GPIO pins and use OpenMRN programs to interface between the LCC network and GPIO pins on the BBB.