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The GPIO Demo module is a development module to help you prototype quickly for your home automation applications or any other application.

The module has three possible power sources: USB, UEXT connector, and headers for rapid prototyping breadboards, which makes it an efficient standalone development platform.

The board can be built with an USB typeA connector and thus requires no additional cables, programming interfaces, or power supply. Everything is onboard !

This module uses NXP's LPC1224 micro-controller (ARM Cortex M0), and also provides an I2C temperature sensor (TMP101), an EPROM, and an USB-to-UART bridge used for both module programming, debug, and serial communication with the module for application development.

The side headers allow easy use with rapid prototyping breadboards for education or tests, while the UEXT connector brings compatibility with a wide range of UEXT boards as proposed by Olimex.

For more information on this module, refer to the module technical information on our website.

BOM is available here in osd format

Licence: CC-by-sa