Why hold the contest
We believe that we can make the world better with electronics, especially at this uncertain time when people’s personal life and work are seriously impacted by COVID 19.
Raspberry Pi Pico, the smaller but more powerful microcontroller development board was released this year. Let’s build wonderful projects based on Pico.
Contest Timeline
Project release time
4.19 — 6.19
Review time
4.20 — 6.21
Announce results
Participation Award
Raspberry Pi Pico
10 Great-Project-Awards
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB
$100 Coupon
Competition Rules
1. This contest runs from 19th April, 2021 to 19th June, 2021.
Projects must be created or updated and submitted during this time frame. Projects submitted before or after this time frame will be disqualified.
2. If you already have Raspberry Pi Pico, just share the projects in our community, and then a new one will be given for free. If you don’t have a Raspberry Pi Pico, don’t worry, you can get one first in our gift shop. After sharing the project, you can apply for refund. You can also share projects based on other Raspberry Pi Model.
3. We invited engineer Roger Thornton from the Raspberry Pi as the judge for this contest. He will select 10 most well-thought and fully described projects from 16th to 18th. Their rewards are Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB+ $100 coupon.
4. Entering is easy. All you have to do is submit your project. Just click the "Publish the Project" button in the contest page or start a new project in our community. Look up the top right sidebar for the "Submit project to..." entry and choose "Raspberry Pi Pico contest".
5. The project must be original. You will be disqualified once plagiarism is found. Any questions please contact with anson@pcbway.com
Roger Thornton is the Director of Applications at Raspberry Pi where his team helps customers take advantage of the low cost, high performance computing products designed by Raspberry Pi.
Previously working as hardware design engineer, he has designed several iterations of the iconic computers (Raspberry Pi 3B), Zero W work which helped him be recognized as one of the best design engineers under 30 in the UK in 2017 by Electronics weekly.
He is driven to help everyone build products around the exceptional array of Raspberry Pi products.
Roger Thornton
Director of Applications
at Raspberry Pi
Anson was an NDT engineer and now as the marketing manager of PCBWay.
He has been committed to bring a better experience to PCBWay members and help more people like electronic.
Anson Bao
PCBWay Marketing Manager
Selection Criteria
be original,
hold aesthetic
be universal accepted,
can arouse resonance
unique creative content,
novel idea
contents intact,
detailed project flow
Any questions about raspberry pi pico contest?
Share project to get a new pico for free, leave your comment here.
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