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This rubber dog toy is my first atari punk machine.

It's an altered hot dog which includes a speaker and a 9V battery.

Inside, a circuit based on 555 timer.

The output of a first NE555, operating as an astable oscillator, is connected to the input of a second NE555 which acts as monostable oscillator.

It generates a square wave signal which is played through the embedded speaker.

This resolutely lo-fi sound is modulated via two control features.

A potentiometer set the pulse width.

The oscillation frequency is paired with a photoresistor, it's a component that captures light.

Variations of light intensity affects the signal frequency.

The hot dog makes notes out of light, rambling from lows to highs, as he goes from darkness to enlightenment.

Mar 05,2018
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  • Unique sound...remind me past teen age . Motorgrandprix sound engine..

  • Nice job 😃

  • I don't have any NE555 chips, but I have a bunch of CD4049, CD4069 and similar. Would they work as substitutes here?

  • Trying to order these, but getting error that there is no drill file.